Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mrs Dora

All the teachers around me are very good. Today i am going to speak about Mrs Dora. She is a tall and very thin lady. She has long blond hair and blue eyes . Mrs Dora is a person that gave me a lot of attention when i first came to the AISC. She teaches ESL and she was always my guarding angel i always express my fears to help. She always made things simple and easy for me. She always speaks with a smile and she is very kind with all the students.
When i first came to the school my English language was very little. She spoke to me and said that very quickly things , would change and that i will speak English very soon. I was going in her class regularly and she was very patient with me.
Sometimes i thought she must be tired but she never made me fill it . Instead as time was going on i felt that she was trying even more and i know now that my English was getting better.
Many times i told my parents that when i will became a teacher one day i will become a good teacher, apetient teacher giving a lot of support to the children, a teacher like Mrs Dora.
She speaks very clearly and makes children to watch the lesson and understand it. She is always busy. You see her in class moving around in school running up and down the stairs when the parents visit her she is welcoming them. She is patient and explains to them the progress of the child. If they have any worries,coming out of her room they are all gone. She has her own way of making parents feel sure about their child.
I love Mrs Dora a lot . I appreciate what she did for me . Without her i could be lost. Through her i got the strength to continue and because of her i still follow ESL so that i improve more. Although i am not in her class now i know that if i am in need i can always go to her and i will get the help needed.
I will end up this by sayng a very big thank you to Mrs Dora my ESL teacher!!!.

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