Sunday, February 6, 2011

Anticipation Guide:

1)The key to all emotional healing can be found in nature.

2)Nature is filled with harsh cruelties.

3)A person’s priorities should place family before work.

4)Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory, and knowledge.

5)Those born with social and financial advantages have a responsibility for those who are not.

6)Ignorance is bliss.

7)The pursuit of knowledge is a volatile quest.

8)Someone’s ego (over-inflated sense of self-worth or superiority) will cause a tragic fall.

9)Children learn their behaviors by watching and mimicking adults.

10)Most people are basically cruel.

11)Society makes a person whatever he becomes.

12)The “disenfranchised man,” who finds himself unable to live within society for whatever reason, is someone for whom we should feel sympathy or reverence.

13)Rejection and mistreatment can manifest themselves in a person becoming rage-filled.

14)If a person or an animal is treated with cruelty, he will respond to others in the same way.

15)Those people we deem “monsters” in today’s society are merely misunderstood.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anticipation Guide

Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory and knowledge.

I disagree

Enjoying life cannot be more important than pursuing fame, glory and knowledge. I believe that a person has to pursue everything that can cultivate his or her knowledge, and through this one can reach to fame and glory. People should set targets and make dreams. They have to be able to do different tasks and produce in their life. It is no good sitting back and enjoy life. That will have no meaning. From a very young age we learn how to study, how to write, and then take exams, progress in our education, and after apply what we learned in our proffesions. There again we face competition and we expect the reward of what we could offer. After a person accomplishes most of his targets and make his dreams as far as possible come true, then being financially strong can sit back and enjoy his life. Only then one can feel this enjoyment, knowing he has done his duty towards his family and the society in general. In fact life is too difficult to be able to sit back. The demands of the family are big and the necessity to work and bring income is there, so being educated the chances of earning an income are bigger.

Anticipation Guide

A person's priorities should place family before work.

I agree:
A person should be brought up learning to place his or her priorities in order. If one understands this duty then definitely his life will be in order. Work is essential of course, to bring income at home. Without income the family suffers, but this should not take all of our time. Family should always be placed before work. A good and healthy family is the one to give happy surrounding. The family needs its members united more than anything else. If we work and we earn millions but we neglect our family then we loose a lot. The children do not see the parents enough, they do not have enough communication between them and as a result the members disburse here and there, the children will most probably follow bad roads, leading them to disaster. Even the parents themselves won't get on well if they do not see each other a lot.
Where they need arises family should always be placed before work to keep it united in feelings of love and understanding.

Thursday, December 9, 2010

Thursday, October 14, 2010

To kill a Mockingbird Anticipation Guide!

1) All individuals standing trial in a court of law deserve to be defended.
I agree with the above statement because all people should enjoy equal human rights. Every individual has the right to be defended and from their on it is the court's dicision which would be respected. If someone has not the right to be defended then he should be given the right not to respect this dicision.

2)Its never justified to hate another person.
I agree with the above statement. People should be ready to accept and understand other reason's behavior. Often people get jealous of human success and luck in life. This makes them hate their friends, their relatives, their colleagues and other people. Other times again we might hate somebody who caused us pain or discomfort without thinking that this maybe was done not with their own will, somebody behind or higher up maybe caused this through them. In general hartred makes us blind and we can not see the reality why something happen to us. We should always try and think when we are in peace of mind, and we will find out that what we feel is pain but we should never hate. Love and undersanding will gate away hatred.

To kill a Mockingbird

Friday, September 24, 2010

Araby: Anticipation Grade

Agree- Disagree
1)Money equates happiness
Many people believe that money equades happiness. Money helps the world go round. It is a help in life to buy our necessities to have some luxury, to go to doctors to go on holidays and a lot more. One though might be the richest person on earth but not be happy.
I disagree with the above statement, happiness is found in families, in understanding each other, in respecting each other, in respecting each other in perfoming your duties, in loving others and to be loved. Money helps to have an easier life and it is a necessity but it is not everything.

2)In romance, good looks and personality will outweight social class and background
I agree with the above statement although some people believe that it is nice to know about somebody's background. Personaly I would look into the looks and the personality. One has to make sure that the person in this romance is who we are looking for and if he or she is capable of offering us what we need in life. The background could be essential though to know because sometimes after a period of time the family might affect the other part. Personally though remains in my priorities.