Sunday, September 7, 2008

I love animals

In my life I like a lot of things. I love a beatiful house, nice peaple, I like forests and so many other things.

Most of all though . I always loved animals . I never run away from them. I love these creatures especially when they are small. I hate seeing somebody harming them. I have Liza . She is a small white dog and if anybody touches her to harm her I think I could kill him.

Animals need our care and attention. They do not harm anybody.They could be very good friends like my Liza.And aswell when you look after them they became good friends.

When i grow up and i have my own house alot of animals will be found in my yard! (These is why i love animals!.)

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Fashion Minded Girl said...

Antonia your Blog id soooo cool and your animals are sooooo sweet!!!