Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Anticipation Guide Response -Taste of Salt

1) Politics and political problems are subjects of adults to deal with.

On these situation i agree beacause i think that children should be aware of what is happening in our world and in other places.

2) All storys can have a happy ending if those involved work towards it.

I disagree because not all of the storys have a happy ending. But if a person lets say that someone wanted to kill him i think that in these situation this will come like a happy ending beacause you did these thing that you wanted to do.

3) Literacy(being able to read) is a form of freedom

i agree because if you are able to read something you will be able to tell somebody what happen and explain and give some of your opinios in the story .

4) Civilization without a writen language cannot document history

I disagree because in the oldest times people were drawing on the walls but with paint. Now in thae modern case we youse new things!.

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