Sunday, October 26, 2008

Herbie:Fully Loaded

Directed:Angela Robinson
Staring: Matt Dillon , Lindsay Lohan ,Justinlong

In Volkkwagen there is a car with a number 53. This belongs to Maggie Peyton. Maggie loves racing but her father was fobrodding this for her. When she was graduating the college she was offered to choose one used car from a collection of cars by her father. She choose an old Volkkwagen car with the number 53. Maggie finds a letter in the glove compatment telling that the name of the car is Herbie. She took her car to Kelvin her mechanic and they took it for a test drive as wel as to a show . Herbie proved to be the best racer and that it had a mind of its own. Maggie is happy racing but other champions want to take herbie.
My opinion for these movie is that it is an enjoyable one and interesting. It is rare to find a car that has its own mind and i enjoyed the hole story. Maggie was interested in racing and she got involved without chassing it!
I thing that you should watch it!

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