Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Anticipation Guided Response- Shabanu

Anticipation Guided Response- Shabanu

1)It is possible to experience love at first sight

I disagree because you can say to them that you love them if iyou knoiw him well and if you know his personality. Some people look at them and they say they are good for them but as you keep kmowing him well then you realise that what you were thinking it was wrong.

2)Two strangers stuck on an island together could learn to love each other.

I disagree because you dont know jthis person and aswell you dont know what kind of person she/he maybe are . And aswell maybe you dont have the same characteristics with him or her or maybe you have nothing in common.I think that you should pick someone that you spoke to him and know him from before.

3.) It is a good thing to sacrifice your happiness for other people.

I agree because maybe some people want to be happy beacuse maybe the way that they live or their life is much lower than yours and i think in my opiunion that is good to give to them something or love.

4.) Women in your society are free citizens.I agree and disagree because beacuse some people in many countries do whenever they do like for example England but i disagree beacuse in my opinion everybody should not be free and they should follow the laws.

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