Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hi My name is Antonia and i am a meteorologist From Dundee Univercity of Scottland. I saw a movie called Twister that i Liked a lot and i wanted to tell you some things about it.
Twister was made in 1996 and it was directed by Jan de Bond and written By Michael Christon and Anne-Marie Martin. The story is about a girl that lost her father during a tornado. These girl with the name Joe when she grow up she was still feeling sad about her loved people that died in these tornado so as the years past she becomes a meteorologist a storm cheser.Beacuse she wanted to find out with her friends the invection of hel,ping people least at least some minites before the tornado comes. I liked these movie beacuse they were some staff that i do as well as my job but in the movie they dont do very real things and that bothered me alot for example when they were showing the tornados they were like moving very slowly and that in a reality a tornado moves very fast and they keel people very quiqly , but their anfortunatly it showd the opposite but i steel like it!

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