Thursday, February 3, 2011

Anticipation Guide

Enjoying life is more important than pursuing fame, glory and knowledge.

I disagree

Enjoying life cannot be more important than pursuing fame, glory and knowledge. I believe that a person has to pursue everything that can cultivate his or her knowledge, and through this one can reach to fame and glory. People should set targets and make dreams. They have to be able to do different tasks and produce in their life. It is no good sitting back and enjoy life. That will have no meaning. From a very young age we learn how to study, how to write, and then take exams, progress in our education, and after apply what we learned in our proffesions. There again we face competition and we expect the reward of what we could offer. After a person accomplishes most of his targets and make his dreams as far as possible come true, then being financially strong can sit back and enjoy his life. Only then one can feel this enjoyment, knowing he has done his duty towards his family and the society in general. In fact life is too difficult to be able to sit back. The demands of the family are big and the necessity to work and bring income is there, so being educated the chances of earning an income are bigger.

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