Thursday, October 14, 2010

To kill a Mockingbird Anticipation Guide!

1) All individuals standing trial in a court of law deserve to be defended.
I agree with the above statement because all people should enjoy equal human rights. Every individual has the right to be defended and from their on it is the court's dicision which would be respected. If someone has not the right to be defended then he should be given the right not to respect this dicision.

2)Its never justified to hate another person.
I agree with the above statement. People should be ready to accept and understand other reason's behavior. Often people get jealous of human success and luck in life. This makes them hate their friends, their relatives, their colleagues and other people. Other times again we might hate somebody who caused us pain or discomfort without thinking that this maybe was done not with their own will, somebody behind or higher up maybe caused this through them. In general hartred makes us blind and we can not see the reality why something happen to us. We should always try and think when we are in peace of mind, and we will find out that what we feel is pain but we should never hate. Love and undersanding will gate away hatred.

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