Friday, September 24, 2010

Araby: Anticipation Grade

Agree- Disagree
1)Money equates happiness
Many people believe that money equades happiness. Money helps the world go round. It is a help in life to buy our necessities to have some luxury, to go to doctors to go on holidays and a lot more. One though might be the richest person on earth but not be happy.
I disagree with the above statement, happiness is found in families, in understanding each other, in respecting each other, in respecting each other in perfoming your duties, in loving others and to be loved. Money helps to have an easier life and it is a necessity but it is not everything.

2)In romance, good looks and personality will outweight social class and background
I agree with the above statement although some people believe that it is nice to know about somebody's background. Personaly I would look into the looks and the personality. One has to make sure that the person in this romance is who we are looking for and if he or she is capable of offering us what we need in life. The background could be essential though to know because sometimes after a period of time the family might affect the other part. Personally though remains in my priorities.

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