Tuesday, May 19, 2009

A woman that remembers everything! News Flash

They are some things that confuse the scientist....and this thing that confused them is a 40 year old woman that remembers everything. She remembers everything of the events that happened in her life and as well news that are very old. This woman wrote a letter to a scientist called James McGaugh, which is a scientist specialist in memories of the University Of California. So he realist that this woman can remember everything that happened every days life. This scientist sent a letter that it was writing that when he was telling her a date of any date and any year she was remembering everything.. like how it was the weather, the name of the date as well everything that happened tat day in the news or anywhere else in life. Unfortunately everybody when they saw the letter they were so impress. So the Scientist James McGaught wanted to discover with his group what causes these happen.
Until now from six years ago they didn't found anything what causes ti for example when the woman sent the letter. Unfortunately the scientist was still in thinking...Now he is for sure what abilities this woman has. He believe that the cause that this woman remembers everything is that for her for sure it was something special. He said that she remembers things that he doesn't know. One question that he asked her was to tell him the dates that the old scientist told her before six years. Also she remembered a date that the very top scientist arrived first to Germany and he was shocked because he didn't remember it his self''as well he was a scientist too''!! One of the abilities that they got from their search is that this woman separates, to columns the events that are happening.As well when she was small she wanted her things to be in one place and she was getting agree when her mother was moving them from one place to another.But still these cause doesn't explain hoe she can remember them still!
The next step that the scientist will do is to exam with different ways her mind but still there abilities of knowing what causes it will b difficult. But doctors and as well scientist build a new way that they will discover it. So i and different people are waiting for their news!

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