Wednesday, January 21, 2009

A story!

It was last summer when all the family dicided to visit Egypt it was a fantastic idea for all of as.
The trip did not take long but i have already imagined and lived there touring with Mr Ali our tourist guide.
I found myself near the river Nile. I have studied about it and i new quite a lot about it but Mr Mohammed an egyptian man looked amazed.
This river my young girl has been the life of egypt for years. It always fed us and our children. It is the source of life. I asked him what was he wearing on his head and he said that was a part of the egyptian dress. After that i found myself into a big race car no.8 and i went to the pyramids. I met a knight called Hassan and he tried to stop me approching the pyramids .<>he said and stood looking at me very strictly . <> I asked him <>. She looked to me like chinese or egyptian and she was holding a big bag full of treasure. The knight got very angry and shouted <>
< I woke up and i was suprised with my dream Mr Ali said to me thatwhat i dreamt of eas true and that egyptians believed in after life that is why their treasure was burried with them and their bodies were preserved.
It was then time for me to go round amd learn more about Egypt and its civilisation..!!!

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